Carlos Miguel Pacheco was born on the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, EU, in a town called Queluz. Son of Rui de Sousa Pacheco and Isabel Maria Pacheco, he reached Secondary School and stopped his studies to follow a professional career related to Organization and Methods, along with Accounting. He married his late wife Maria Eduarda Pacheco on the 3rd July 1971.

He joined the Army from October 1972 until April 1975, and he was classified first on Military Messaging Services. At the age of 38, he immigrated to Luxembourg as a result of a contractual agreement, after he accomplished professional missions in Switzerland and France.

At sixty years old, as an autodidact, he decided to put in writing all his thoughts, expressing, the best way he could all his inner values, beliefs & convictions, hoping that they would be captured and understood by some people as a message of spirituality along with notions about love and friendship.

His works reunite THE DIARY OF THOUGHTS - VOLUMES 1 & 2, THE DIARY OF THOUGHTS POEMS, and the epic Portuguese novel DREAMS LOST IN TIME. He also produced the joint-venture THE D.O.T. POEMS - THE AUDIO BOOKS with the prominent narrator from New York, Hank Beukema. Hank reads a great part of the poems included in the THE DIARY OF THOUGHTS books, written by Carlos M. Pacheco. This project involved their dedication and several months of hard work to achieve a 6 hour 4-set audio book collection.

Carlo's works in Portuguese are SONHOS PERDIDOS NO TEMPO - (DREAMS LOST IN TIME) and AS MINHAS PALAVRAS (Poemas e Pensamentos) - (MY WORDS - Poetry and Thoughts), SIMPLICIDADE & COMPLEXIDADE/SIMPLICITY & COMPLEXITY), the latter being a compilation of his poems in Portuguese along his most profound existential thoughts and different and subjective points of view.

He also produced an audio book of his novel SONHOS PERDIDOS NO TEMPO,2 files totaling 15 hours of narration of this work by the Author himself.

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